Happy 2012!

Going forward, I won’t be creating a new post each time I create a new album on my SmugMug page. If you’d like to know the moment a new album is created, you can subscribe directly to my SmugMug page by scrolling all the way down and clicking where it says “Available Feeds”.

There are a few reasons for this change. The biggest one is time. Angelina keeps me very busy, and when she’s not keeping me busy sometimes I just want to relax. Another reason is that, while the SmugMug site is viewable on smartphones and tablets, the code it generates for the mini albums I’ve been posting is not. Personally I spend more time surfing the web from a tablet than my desktop.

I may still post an occasional favorite as its own entry, particularly if I’ve decided to use it as an entry in the Project 12 being hosted at MCP Actions.